Project details

Replacement house on a very sensitive site overlooking the main harbour entrance to the Island. The original holiday house was a small 70sq m single storey white painted timber chalet type bungalow, with a hipped roof.

Planning stipulations dictated that the roof of the new house would not be higher than the existing roof level and that no windows were to be larger than that of the main window in the old house. The design challenge was to devise a house within these parameters, which retained a ‘memory’ of the old house as was the clients wish, whilst at the same time effectively trebling the size of the original house.

The new house is timber finished with Dougas Fir vertical sheeting, a glass clad cedar deck wraps around the upper ground level that accommodates the main living areas and main bedroom, with additional bedroom and utility rooms located in a semi- basement lower level.

The new house nestles very happily on its site and has a minimal visual impact when viewed on approaching the Island

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