Project details

23No unit Sheltered Housing scheme with 6No apartments in stand alone building, to cater for elderly independent living, with Communal Facilities in adjoining nursing home

The single storey houses are arranged around a shared landscaped courtyard, overlooked by the private sitting out terrace of each house. A one-way vehicular circulation circles around the outside of the houses, with car parking to the front of houses in landscaped bays. Whilst there was a change in level of over 1.2m over the site, all parts of the scheme are wheelchair accessible

Houses are designed with bedrooms overlooking the rear courtyard and kitchens to the front. Kitchens, living and dining areas are open plan to enhance a sense of spaciousness and facilitate ease of movement.

Materials used are warm and the height at entrances are purposely kept low to enhance a sense of intimacy/ domestic feel to the scheme.

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