Project details

New family home in the countryside, with stables and hayshed. The sloped site sits in open low-lying
Scenic Coastal countryside, in a location quite prominent to a nearby sensitive coast road.

The new 3,500sq ft house is conceived as a series of parallel single storey A-pitch roofed blocks, on three levels, finished in slate & zinc, timber and white painted render. The stables and hayshed are linked across a shared entrance courtyard, to form a coherent grouping of buildings, reminiscent of many other traditional vernacular buildings in the area.

The breaking down of the massing in this manner facilitated a more significant size of development than what the planners may have otherwise felt appropriate in this location.

The main entrance is via the narrower central block. A 600mm change in level up from the bright hallway leads to the main kitchen, dining, family space with vaulted ceilings and windows to the south & west, with terraces outside.

A 600mm change in level down from the hallway, leads to a large west glazed living room, with bedrooms situated behind.

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